Fen Drayton

Construction Date:     2016
Location:          Fen Drayton Cambridgeshire
Category:          Commissioning Projects

Project Overview

We were contracted by our client; AbsolutePH Ltd to complete Electrical and commissioning of Mitsubishi Ecodan, including design for a fully functional Installation covering the Power, Commutation cabling and Advise on System inputs for this domestic property.

Project Description

Air Source Heat Pumps take the heat from the outside air in the same way that a fridge removes heat from its contents inside the appliance. It can use heat from the air even as low as minus 15° C. This is because the heat pump’s refrigerant will only freeze at around minus 50° so heat can still be taken from the air, even at very low temperatures. A fan draws the air through a radiator, much like a car, which is absorbed into the refrigerant and processed through a compression and decompression cycle and then transferred into a radiator central heating system.Heat pumps can save over 60% from energy bills when compared to more expensive forms of central heating like electric storage heaters. They are ideally suited to properties off the gas grid where the costs of providing heat to a property can be much greater than average


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