Fire Alarms Systems

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Unique Electrical Solutions alarm systems are essential so that people can be evacuated and the Fire Brigade alerted immediately in the event of a fire. This applies equally to a home or business environment.

It is therefore imperative that the correct level of fire detection system is chosen to ensure the protection of people and property.

Our products range from basic battery or mains 'standalone' smoke detectors to fully automatic fire detection systems and emergency lighting.

Our fire alarm systems are designed to ensure adequate warning is provided to all occupants of a building to allow them sufficient time to escape to a place of safety and to summon the local fire service so as to minimise the risk to life and limit any fire damage to building contents and its structure.
Since October 2006 commercial premises must carry out a fire risk assessment to identify, reduce and monitor the risk of fire within their premises. For businesses with 5 or more staff this must be a written assessment and will identify if you require a fire detection system, what type and level of coverage you require. A fire detection system will normally form part of the proposed risk reduction. Your system must also comply with the latest edition of BS5839.

Unique Electrical Solutions supply, install and support a multitude of fire alarms and detection systems. We also install CCTV, Intruder alarms, Access Control and Security Lighting for a complete security system.

We can offer the best system for the risk, ensuring you're business or home is properly protected.

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